Custom reports, custom forms and add-on products for Simply Accounting;
Crystal Reports custom reports and custom forms

Swagman Systems Design Inc. specializes in customizing Crystal Reports® and providing custom as well as “packaged” add-on products that integrate with Simply Accounting®.

Our goal is to help Small Business owners run their business as efficiently as possible through the use of customization. End-users have told us that our products and services save them time, effort and money by eliminating duplicate data entry and incorporating all of their business processes into one within Simply Accounting®.

You too, can obtain a cost effective system that reflects the uniqueness of your business by having Simply Accounting®’s features and reports customized to meet your specific needs.


Our services[1] include:
  • Custom Crystal Reports® invoices and forms - re-format and/or include additional information
  • Reports - access the information you need and display it in the format you require
  • Features - capture additional information and link it directly with Simply Accounting® through extra screens.


We have also developed a series of products[2] that integrate with Simply Accounting®. These include:
  • AddressMaker™ - prints vendor, customer and employee addresses directly to envelopes and labels - $49.99 CDN
  • Import Utility - import software - imports data from 3rd party packages into Simply Accounting® - Sales Invoices, Sales Receipts and Purchase Invoices - starts at $399 CDN
  • Pending Quotes / Sales Order Report - displays/search pending quotes by customer or invoice number and includes quote details - $99 CDN
  • Budget Report by Department - Excel report displays in seconds your budget by department - $199
  • Invoice/Statement combo - prints the current invoice as well as outstanding invoice numbers and amounts on one form - $199 CDN
  • Statement sorted by transaction date - sorts items by transaction date rather than invoice number - $199 CDN
  • Commissions System - a program that records commissions and provides sales-staff and customer reports - $299 CDN
  • Other commission solutions are also available - prices vary

To obtain a free Quote or Demo contact us at 1-877-792-4626 (Canada & US), 1-519-763-4735 (International) or e-mail us at

[1]Solutions from $50CDN
[2]Applicable taxes are extra